About Us

Our dogs live in our home and are raised with my husband and I and our 8 beautiful children. We also have a hobby farm a few miles away. Our dogs love to travel with us to the farm daily. They will sit by the door and wait patiently for one of the kids to put on their leashes, they know where we are going ! Our dogs and puppies are raised around horses, cows, sheep, goats,chickens and cats.

They also love the water and in the spring and summer they will spend all day in the creek at our farm! Getting wet and muddy is one of their favorite past times! In the winter they love to romp through the snow and play tag and ball. Then bury the ball in the snow until they are ready to play again. They are such goofs but a world of fun! They are a large part of our family life. We have lots of friends and family that bring their children and pets to camp at our farm so they are very socialized with people, farm animals, tractors, ATV's, and other dogs and cats. They are very LOVED by all who are around them!

My husband,Erik, and I along with our four biological kids were foster parents in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Over the 5 years of being foster parents we adopted 4 of our beautiful children, three girls and one boy. The year that we became Foster Parents was the year we got our first Standard Poodle, Jade. We quickly realized that

Jade was an amazing therapy dog for all of the kids that came and stayed at our home. She would sit by them and cuddle them when they were scared. Or she would just lay across their lap while they talked to her and made them forget about life's struggles. She had such a calmness about her.She had a way of making every child feel like they were her favorite person. She was an amazing dog and very loved by many! Unfortunately Jade passed away suddenly in 2013 and will be dearly missed by so many. But through her years with us, she taught us all the meaning of unconditional love ! And so we want to share that same nature with many of you.

We love our dogs like family! We aim to breed our dogs for families around the USA to share in the nature and love that these dogs bring. Our dogs have the traits and lineage needed to produce beautiful, healthy, family dogs or therapy dogs.

The Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle are the perfect fun loving, goofy yet laid back family dog!

I just can't say enough about the wonderful qualities in our dogs.

We are committed to breeding overall great family/therapy dogs. Our goal is to breed a smart, loving family dog that is easily trained. That can excel at show, agility, therapy, or hunting. Each dog will have it's own personality and I would love to help guide you in picking the right puppy for your family. We are a small breeder whom has occasional litters. So please let me know if you would like to be on our waiting list or if you are having trouble deciding on which breed would fit into your lifestyle.